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Covid Safety

When it comes to Covid Safety, everyone's safety is our number one priority in our shop. We offer FREE PPE masks to those that need it, masks are required to enter, as well we have touch free hand sanitizer dispensers at the ice cream counter and entrance/exit door. We have set up social distancing decals on our floors and windows, as reminders to do your part. We've shutdown our booth seating while it's mandated, and offer take out, and continue to sanitize touched surfaces frequently. We've re-arranged our entire store floor plan to accommodate optimal flow of traffic, and make it as safe as possible for everyone. Though not required, we've also retrofitted our shop with the best Medical Grade H13 Air Purifying equipment available. Placed throughout our shop, this equipment is made to clean our air up to ten times (10X) the size of our serving area and sales floor. This means all of the air in our shop is filtered and continuously cleaned.