Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve non-dairy (vegan)?
No, we only serve real, high quality, super premium slow-churned ice cream. From time to time we may offer a non-dairy/vegan variety, but we are not really set up for this, they require a different temperature setup than what we currently have for our ice creams. So, we have decided to do what we do best, real ice cream.

Do you have sugar-free ice cream?
Once in a while we experiment and might bring one out, but it's not a staple on our menu. We don't tend to offer sugar-free due to the same reason as the question above.

Do you sell gelato?
No, our ice creams are superior to gelato and border between super premium and ultra premium grade ice cream. We use a high quality 16% butter fat (healthy milk fat in cream) in our ice creams. We use far less sugar than gelato, do not use egg in our ice creams with only one exception of the flavor lemon creme (made with lemon curd), and slow churn for a dense thick consistency similar to gelato. We also tend to serve in larger portion sizes than gelato. Please refer to this link to see the differences in
Our Ice Cream Vs Gelato

Do you offer Triple Scoops and/or pint sizes?

Do you offer indoor seating or take-out?
Yes, we have both retro booths and tables with chairs. We also offer take-out.

Do you have free games to play?
Yes, though we do ask for you to buy an ice cream or drink, or anything off the sales floor to play.

Do you have a public restroom?
We allow restroom use for elderly and children when needed. We had an incident that has led us to discontinue public use of our private restroom, but will make exceptions. It is also for the safety of our employees, as it is located in our employees only area.

Do you have social media?
You can like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram, though we tend to be more active on facebook for store updates and news, menu updates, etc.