Our Ice Cream Vs Gelato

Our Ice Cream Vs Gelato: What's the Difference?

Gelato means ice cream in Italian, though in the USA it is not categorized as ice cream per the FDA. It's a frozen dairy dessert.
Anything with less than 10% milkfat and/or more than 100% overrun cannot use the term "ice cream" officially in the USA, hence the designation of "frozen dairy dessert." Soft serve ice cream for instance is not ice cream either, it's a frozen dairy dessert.

Gelato and ice cream are both creamy frozen treats that contain milk, cream, sugar and flavorings. However, the two should not be confused. Among other differences, they're rooted in two unique cultural traditions and contain different amounts of milk fat.

Authentic gelato uses more milk and less cream than ice cream and generally doesn’t use egg yolks.
Gelato tends to use about 3.5% butterfat, is slow churned and uses a looot of sugar to get that creamy consistency again.

Our ice creams are superior to gelato and border between super premium and ultra premium grade ice cream. We use a high quality 16% butter fat (healthy milk fat in cream) in our ice creams, so they are already creamy. We use far less sugar, do not use egg in our ice creams with only one exception of the flavor lemon creme (made with lemon curd), and slow churn for a dense thick consistency similar to gelato. We also tend to serve in larger portion sizes than gelato.

Part of the secret to excellent ice cream is using top shelf ingredients as we do. The other secret is the science behind the crystalization and tempering process. Simply put, the smaller the crystals in ice cream, the smoother and superior quality of product is produced. The larger the crystals in ice cream, the rougher/icier texture, and inferior quality of product. So it is essential to freeze down as quickly as possible, and temper properly. We freeze our ice cream extremely fast down to temperatures of -40f, much colder than a normal freezer can get to. We then temper the ice cream slowly over night to the perfect temperatures for Super Premium ice cream and the perfect consistency throughout.